11 Business-Boosting Superpower Profiles

Instead of using the long and cumbersome phrase “number one core competency and strength in regards to growing a business” I’m using a simple and fun shortcut: Business-boosting superpower.

And because any given core competency is developed to a different degree in different people I prefer to talk about superpower profiles. The word “profile” implies that within a given profile there are varying levels of development. So, 2 individuals with the same superpower profile can have very different levels of experience. One could be a world-class master while another could be a person with a particular talent but not yet much experience in that area.

The following eleven superpower profiles represent 11 different instances of a core competency/strength in regards to growing a business:

You can explore a short description for each superpower profile/type by clicking the corresponding link in the list above.

About the Author Alex Booster

Alex Booster is the host of the Business Booster TV Show, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker helping you boost your business-boosting superpowers to the next level.

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