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  • Help you quickly and easily identify your #1 core competency in regards to growing a business
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I created Business Booster TV to be your entertaining source of business-boosting “superpowers”, business-boosting insight, lessons and motivation every day. And I hope that if you are an entrepreneur, business owner, CEO or startup founder... I hope that besides providing entertainment value for you, our shows will also feed your mind with useful ideas, strategies and concepts for growing your business.

Now, if you're still interested to know more about my plan for making the world a better place, here you go:

I'm going to give you a small glimpse for now and when time is ripe I will reveal more about this plan. A major element in that plan is to build a new futuristic mega-city from scratch. A real city. But a city of a new kind.

This city will actually become an independent, sovereign city-state at a later stage. But at the beginning it will start as a special economic zone of the host country. I've been working on detailed planning for this ginormous project since 2011.

For example, I've designed a completely new kind of a skyscraper. This new skyscraper type is designed to provide luxurious housing for 250,000 people along with everything these people would need for a high living standard including amazing indoor parks, indoor lakes & indoor beaches with incredible views, indoor petting zoos as well as a hospital, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, movie theaters, planetariums etc.

In other words, just one such skyscraper can be considered as a "city in the sky". And the entire population of a city like Seattle or Denver or Boston or Detroit or Washington, D.C. could comfortably fit into just 3 of these mega-skyscrapers while enjoying a very high living standard.

And although this new type of a skyscraper will be very large and tall, it is designed to withstand earthquakes of any magnitude (without suffering any structural damage) and is also designed to be completely "airplane-proof". In fact, the buildings of this new skyscraper type will be much safer than any civilian building that currently exists on the planet. Safety was my top priority when designing this new kind of a building.

Furthermore, because we will be using relatively new (but already well-tested and proven) building materials and also utilize new construction methods, every normal citizen will be able to easily afford the luxurious housing in these mega-skyscraper buildings. In fact, 99% of the population of this new mega-city will be living in these skyscrapers which will free up most of the city's land area for green and recreational spaces. And despite the enormous size of these buildings (much larger than any existing skyscraper), the construction of this new skyscraper type can be completed 3-5 times faster than the construction of any other modern skyscraper (because of the new construction methods).

As an example, the entire population of New York City could comfortably fit into just 35 of these mega-skyscrapers. Not only would these 35 mega-skyscrapers provide much better housing for 99% of New York's 8.5 million people, this better housing would also be MUCH more affordable than it is the case in New York City now. A normal person/family would be able to afford an accommodation of the kind that right now is only affordable for millionaires in New York City. And imagine how much land area this would free up for green and recreational spaces... Well, the project I'm planning is about building a brand new futuristic mega-city from scratch. This skyscraper design is just a small part of the overall project. I just mentioned New York as an example to demonstrate a point.

So, not only will these buildings be much sturdier and safer than any currently existing skyscraper on the planet, but simultaneously they will also be much cheaper to construct (in terms of cost per resident) and much faster to build than any modern skyscraper. Ultimately, we will build many dozens of these super-skyscrapers in this new mega-city.

This should suffice as the first tiny glimpse into this project. If you want to know more, make sure you follow me on Twitter and also follow Business Booster TV on all social media channels that you are personally using:

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