Community Sponsorship

Now, for one month community sponsorship you pay a minimum of $50.

A "minimum" because you can actually ​set the amount you wish to pay (like with a donation) based on how far at the top of our sponsors page you want to be listed. A person/business that pays $51 will be listed above the ones that pays $50. And the ones that pays $52 will be listed above those who pay $51 etc.

So, on the following page you will actually have to enter the amount you wish to pay (making sure that it's at least $50).

Also, if you wish to buy a community sponsorship for more than one month, you have the option to tick the "Make This Recurring" box on the next page like shown in the following picture. But it's totally up to you whether or not you want to make it recurring. And of course, just like with any other recurring payment in PayPal, you can easily cancel it from within your PayPal account any time.

​Now, that you understand how it all works, click the "Pay Now" button to complete your payment in PayPal: