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“Begin your presentation in a way that instantly grabs the audience’s attention & breaks through their preoccupation.” ~Mark Sanborn #quote

“Always end your presentation with a very simple and easy-to-follow call to action that tells your audience exactly what it is that you want them to do.”
~Mark Sanborn #quote

“Whether you are making a sales call or giving a formal speech, start with certainty! Have a very clear point to begin!” ~Mark Sanborn #quote

“Most speeches are won or lost before you even get in front of an audience. Your content has to be so familiar that it’s second nature and you can focus on the delivery of your presentation.” ~Mark Sanborn #quote

“Discipline is the ability to do what needs to be done even if you don’t feel like doing it.” ~Mark Sanborn #quote

“Motivation makes you feel like doing something; discipline gets you to do something when you don’t feel like it.” ~Mark Sanborn #quote

“Entertainment in a presentation is like cherry flavor in cough syrup. It’s the medicine in the cough syrup that helps you feel better and quit coughing but it’s the cherry flavor that makes the medicine go down more easily.” ~Mark Sanborn #quote

“Give evidence to prove your points in a presentation.” ~Mark Sanborn #quote

“Take those ordinary things that are truly important in your business, give them a little extra flourish, do them a little better and make them extraordinary.” ~Mark Sanborn #quote

“Identify what is truly important to your customer and try to make that extraordinary.” ~Mark Sanborn #quote

“Stories are like mental coat pegs that people hang ideas on. To make a point, tell a memorable story in your presentation.” ~Mark Sanborn #quote

“To stay motivated in business, look for the WHY behind the what.” ~Mark Sanborn #quote

“Whenever you present, especially on stage, make movement purposeful!” ~Mark Sanborn #quote

“The primary reason for failure in a presentation is a lack of preparation. A professional never ‘wings’ it. You have to prepare.” ~Mark Sanborn #quote

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