Main Sponsorship Info & Application

If your company/product is a good match for our audience and if you are willing to commit to a 2-month sponsorship (40 show episodes) as a minimum, you can apply to become one of the 6 main sponsors. The number of main sponsors is limited to a maximum of 6 and these sponsors are determined in a bidding process.

In the bidding process that takes place via Skype chat every 2 months, all pre-approved participants introduce themselves with their name/company name and URL/web address. The 6 sponsorship slots are then awarded to the 6 highest bidders according to their bid amounts. In other words, the highest bidder gets the top placement, the second highest bidder gets the second sponsorship placement etc.


Our core audience are entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business owners, CEOs and startup founders. A significant part of our audience also contains business authors, speakers, business coaches and consultants. The majority of our viewers are located in North America with the rest coming from other English-speaking countries.

Sponsorship Assets

  • Announcement in Videos/Show Episodes

This is the main asset you get with your sponsorship.

How sponsors are presented in a video:

First, the logo and the business name appears on a whiteboard and then a hand writes the web address of the business followed by a promotional statement of the sponsor. This happens while the name and the promo message of the business are presented by a voice-over.

This particular style of a sponsor announcement is specifically chosen because it's almost impossible to ignore. There is something magical about watching a hand write words on a whiteboard as those exact same words are being said by an off-screen announcer. This draws the viewer in and almost forces them to pay close attention to the sponsor's message. It makes the whole experience of watching a sponsorship announcement almost irresistible for the viewer.

After announcing/presenting all sponsors (maximum 6) the statement "all links in the description" makes it clear to the viewer that instead of typing in the web address of a sponsor, they can just click the appropriate sponsor link in the description of the video (on Youtube).

The next statement goes one step further. It tells the viewer (in a subliminal way) to click at least one of the sponsor links and gives them a very good reason to do so ("keep the show alive"). So, every viewer who likes the show and wants to support it is incentivized to click the sponsor links in the video description.

Lastly, the viewer is thanked for their support which just a moment ago was defined (in a viewer's mind) as their action of clicking on the sponsor links. This further underlines a positive attitude towards sponsors and encourages the viewer to take action and click at least one of the sponsor links in the video description.

Here is an EXAMPLE of a Sponsorship Announcement. Click to play:

The sponsorship announcement usually starts within the first 20-60 seconds at the beginning of a video/show episode. In other words, there's usually a short intro at the very beginning of a video/show episode explaining the topic of the video & the questions it aims to answer. That short intro is then followed by the sponsorship announcement that will happen in a similar fashion as demonstrated in the example above.

The top sponsor gets a maximum of 60 seconds in the sponsorship announcement. The second sponsor gets a maximum of 30 seconds and the remaining 4 sponsors get a maximum of 15 seconds each. 

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  • Listing on our Sponsors Page

There you'll get a listing with your logo (200x200px), your business name, a short description (no more than 170 characters long) and the URL/link to your website.

Obviously, the top sponsor is listed first, the second sponsor is listed second etc.

Optional Sponsorship Add-Ons

Optional add-ons that you can book additionally to your main sponsorship are: 

  • Sponsored posts on Facebook
  • Sponsored posts on Twitter
  • Sponsored posts on Linkedin
  • Stand-alone email to our subscribers
  • Mention with logo + link in our regular emails to our subscribers
  • Logo-only insert in our regular emails to our subscribers
  • A hashtag action video call for our shows (only if your hashtag idea is a good fit for the corresponding show). Here's an example of a hashtag call:

How to Apply

Make sure to include the basic information about your company and the product/service you are looking to promote. We'll then get back to you and if you fulfill the basic requirements (i.e. if your product is a good match for our audience), then you'll be given an opportunity to take part in the bidding process described at the top of this page.

Current Sponsors:

Business Booster Club

The business club for those entrepreneurs and startup founders who want to grow their business faster than it's growing now. Click to visit:

Business Authors Alliance

A very special private network and a strong alliance of published and aspiring business book authors helping each other gain the ultimate authority status and expand it. Click to visit:

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